“Honey, have some Tej.”

March 9th, 2013. Sheba Piano Bar. Al-kee-hawlz (“pre-dinner cocktail”). Ethiopian tej. Tapas. Injera with kitfo (steak tartare), tibs wat (sauteed prime beef), beg alecha (braised lamb), kik alicha (yellow split pea), gomen (sauteed collard greens). All with authentic Ethiopian spices.

Tea Spree

March 5th, 2013. MaoKong Tea Dishes. Feast. Tea. Tea-inspired pickled vegetables. Fried tea leaves. Fried tea rice. Sauteed vegetables. Tea-inspired sweet and sour pork.

Er So Mi Feng Tang

March 3rd, 2013. 二嫂米粉湯 (Er So Mi Feng Tang) Feast. Ginger-cilantro pork belly. Taiwanese sausage. Rice with meat sauce. Noodles. Garlic vegetables.